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My name is Bob Fulcher . A few years back I turned my love of turkey calls into a hobby.  I wasn't happy with the store bought calls on the market and was searching for a natural sounding caller. With encouragement from callmaking friends and the legendary Dick Kirby, I began building my own line of turkey calls. Soon after it seemed like all of my friends wanted one of them to hunt with. Now I produce a small amount of custom calls for hunters and collectors. I hand make each call as they are ordered so your call is built specifically for you. I use a very limited amount of power tools to make my calls added with a lot of elbow-grease to create a great-sounding turkey call.

 I offer a Short-box and a Longbox in my Grand National Championship award winning Stepside design. In the past I have built a long-box paddle caller in the style of the late, great Mr. Neil Cost, and fencepost callers in the Eminence, Mo. style. I also build  Scratchbox callers and a Trough Call that have won many 1st place callmaking awards . Also if you would like, I can build you a custom wingbone call built from your turkey bones. This is a great way to memoralize a hunt.

 Thanks for looking, let me know if I can build you a call !

Nwtf  Grand National Callmaking competition 2nd Place Winning Longbox

This year I built  a two call limited edition set dedicated to the memory of " The Legend-Dick Kirby "   . The #1 caller placed second in the longbox division of the Grand National Callmaking contest held in the Opryland Resort in Nashville , TN during February of 2011. The #2 caller from this L/E was presented to Chris Kirby in Nashville this spring . These two callers feature artwork by award-winning artist/callmaker Gregg Guthridge of Saint Mary's , PA.


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