Quotes Bob, the fit & finish of the "Shirt Pocket" Short Box caller is as good as any I ever seen - what a great runnin' & soundin' little caller, that will surely be "right at home" in the Turkey Woods ... ... really lookin' forward to gettin' my "Little Henry" Gibson Box when it's ready ... You are a true craftsmen Bob, & thank you for buildin' such fine turkey callers for guys like me !!! Jim Quotes
Excellent craftsmanship ...

Quotes After seeing some posts on Osage Roost about Bob's calls. I knew I had to get one. I got a fencepost longbox in Butternut/ Walnut. It makes some of the sweetest turkey talk you could ask for. And a great looking call to boot. Quotes
Les Crosfield

Quotes Bob is a great guy who build great calls. I consider him a very good friend! We traded calls in Nashville and I couldn't be happier with the trade!! Thanks again buddy! Al Quotes

Quotes Bob, the Cost style longbox you built me is simply awesome!! One of the best I have played, and the workmanship is top notch!! Thanks again for a great call!! Quotes
Lee Smith

Quotes Bob, The longbox you built me was one fantastic call. The workmanship and sound is second to none. I'll definately be getting another call from you. Thanks Bruce Quotes
Bruce Argetsinger
Eminence longbox

Quotes I had the very good fortune of meeting Bob at the NWTF convention in February. I also had the pleasure of running one of his fencepost calls and fell in love with them. I didn't win his entry while in Nashville, so I knew I had to have one :) Ordered one and I received a beautiful butternut/cherry caller. It's an awesome looking call that has some sweet turkey music built into it! Quotes
Mike Porter